What we Do

If you want to learn more about us, then you’re in the right place! 

  • Based and operational in the UK, we are able to work with you in person (dependant on geographical location) or remotely.
  • We offer advice, consultancy and direct services for Website and Social Media Site design for small to medium size Charities, Voluntary Groups, small business or personal digital presence
  • Website and Social Media Site content updating service – we update your site(s) for you while you do what you do best for your organisation and your beneficiaries!
  • Charity and Voluntary Fundraising advice and Consultancy services
  • Charity and Voluntary Organisation Structuring advice and Consultancy services
  • Free (pro bono) general Charity and Voluntary Group advice – we will offer limited free advice before offering you paid services – But No Pressure!
  • Watch his space… more services, innovations and products to come!


Sector3 use WordPress for building websites… the worlds most popular website architecture and builder. Not only that but it is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Once a website is setup by Sector3, you are at liberty to update yourself or ‘buy-in’ alternative services.


Sector3 will build and offer maintenance services for an attractive, fit-for-purpose and effective social media site(s). Facebook is the most flexible and easily accessible application for this.

Twitter AND other Social Media

Sector3 will build and maintain an attractive and effective Twitter feed. If you want to keep your followers up-to-date, this is one of the best, frequently used and most trusted apps. But if you use other Social Media Apps such as Instagram, then we can do those for you too…. we can even link up several Social Media Apps and update with new news/photos and videos simultaneously!

We can also offer you…

Real time stats

Sector3 can monitor, analyse and report to you just how effective your website or social media site is. We can offer new solutions or advice on how to maximise your ‘digital public presence’.

We do the technical work, you just get on with what you are great at!

Need special online services such as online charity donations?; voluntary group membership fees?; online commerce (ecommerce or online sales etc)?; private access and services?; obtaining a new or transferring of a live website domain name?; providing a new organisation name e-mail address?; audiovisual or animation services?…. and yes, this list is not exhaustive!… Sector3 can provide these (and more) services, help or advice… just contact us with your requirements or ‘wish-list’ and Sector3 can advise or help!

Fund-raising advice and consultancy

Starting or restructuring a charity or voluntary group invariably ends with a major dilemma…. “how can ‘we’ fund this”? Sector3 can help with free initial advice and can offer paid consultancy to help your organisation build, establish and grow.

Amazingly responsive on small to large screen

Sector3 ensures that your site works well on a mobile phone or a tablet or a large screen desktop computer or TV… you can be confident that your site will look professional and fit-for-purpose no matter what device is being used. The old adage “Your first impression is the last impression”, is well worth remembering!

Community builder

Sector3 will help setup or restructure your organisation. We can help with communications within and external to your organisation including the legal responsibilities of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Whatever you wish to do we can either advise, offer Consultancy or provide great services that allow you to get on with the things that you are great at for your organisation and your beneficiaries.

Multilingual & translatable

Sector3 can offer multilingual and auto-translation support for your websites. Especially important if your clientele or followers are overseas or have beneficiaries that English is a second language.

We can help you with…

Website Design and Updating
Social Media design and updating
Fund Raising Advice and Consultancy
Organisation Setup and Restructuring Advice

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