Website Design

Sector3 can design and construct a website from one page to as many pages as you want that incorporates text; blogs; audio-visual clips and videos; vlogs; charity donations; ecommerce; public polls and calendars… we can advise with whatever are your requirements. A basic single page website (e.g. to promote a one off event) can start from as little as £55 (just a one off payment) plus the annual charge for a new website domain name (this is normally at low cost paid on an annual basis to the domain name registrar for as long as you want the site – minimum one year charge). A site with more than one page but less than 6 will cost around £245. A site with more pages can be quoted on request.

Website Updating Service

Sector3 offers you a service to maintain and update your website for you while you get on with what you and your organisation does best! Need an important announcement, new news story, blog, photo, video? Need a regularly updated public calendar, event details, membership information? Maybe you want to ask for donations or sell items? We can do all that for you without you having to waste your valuable time and expertise. Sector3 offers reasonable subscriptions for a basic limited service from £15 a week ( e.g. one update per week) to a full (some restrictions apply) service at £95 a week. Please contact us now for more details and a bespoke quote…

Social Media Site Design

Sector3 can setup (with the option to link – see Social Media Updating Service) multiple Social Media sites so that your latest important  message, photos, video, text or post will appear at the same time. We can advise and help you design sites that meet your needs, make them look professional, stand out and most importantly, be fit for purpose. We can offer service for all Social Media sites and maybe can suggest some that may be a better ‘fit’ for your ‘target audience’. Sector3 can set up a very basic social media site from as little as £25. We can also quote for a large bespoke commercial site(s) on request.

Social Media Updating Service

Sector3 offers you a service to maintain and update a single or link-across multiple Social Media Sites for you while you get on with your important daily operations. Send us your text, photos, videos or news story (via e-mail or text) and we can update ALL of your social media sites for you simultaneously! No time wasting or worrying  about resource and technical issues. Sector3 offers reasonable subscriptions for a basic limited service from £10 a week or contact us now for a bespoke quote for multiple sites and unlimited (limits within agreement) service…

Fundraising Consultancy

Sector3 can offer you advice on fundraising for your charity of voluntary group. We understand the challenges and issues that new and even established small organisations face with funding and affordability to run on a daily basis. These issues are normally raised when starting new projects or undertakings, but sometimes change in circumstances of established organisations can change budgetary dynamics. Sector3 has staff that have years of fundraising consultancy experience in the Third Sector (charity and voluntary sector) and can offer free (pro bono) initial and basic advice where we can. If you need expert help Sector3 can offer bespoke expert advice and solutions and even make applications for grants and donations from Trusts, statutory and other funding sources. Contact Sector3 now for a reasonably priced bespoke consultancy service plan.

Organisation Forming and Restructuring

When you are forming a new charity or voluntary group or reforming an established institution the organisation and structure building can be daunting. When you also then realise that some legal and regulatory obligations are needed, this can be the difference between failure and success for an organisation. Sector3 will offer its expertise and experience to help you make a successful start. We can offer initial free (pro bono) advice where we can but can also offer reasonably priced  consultancy. Sector3 can offer strategic, tactical and project management advice. Contact us for a bespoke quote.

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