Sector3 – Our Story

A Fresh Approach…

A chance for your organisation to breathe.

Sector3 started when  a married Government ICT Policy Advisor and a Fundraising Consultant  realised that there was little in the way of readily available, friendly advice for setting up a small charity or voluntary group.

They also recognised that where there was some advice or help online, it was from many unconnected and disparate sources.

It was then that Sector3 (derived from the term Third Sector) was conceived, an organisation and service that helps small Charities and Voluntary Groups (the ‘big boys and girls’ can look after themselves!) to establish, grow and help those most that charities and voluntary groups were setup for,… the beneficiaries! 

So tell us, are you considering setting up, have set up, expanding, or are restructuring a charity or voluntary group? Then maybe we can help? Please note, we are a business and we need income to operate, but we do offer quality, good value services and we will offer honest, frank, friendly advice and initial help free of charge (pro bono) where we can…

Sector3 is also happy to help small business, sole traders and people looking to set up a quality personal ‘electronic public face’…. Known as websites or Social Media sites to most of us!

Whatever your needs, we are happy to help in whatever way we can, in a friendly, honest but knowledgable way, in complete confidence and without fear of  judgment, commitment or unnecessary sales-pitch…

So what are Sector3 services and products? Well we like to think of ourselves as a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all your organisational needs. To begin with, and we expect our services to expand over time, we can offer the following services:

  • We can help with setting up a professional standard website, social media site and link them up so that it meets the needs and desires of your organisation. Make the site ‘fit-for-purpose’!
  • …More than that, once your site is set up to your satisfaction, Sector3 will offer to maintain and update your site as and when you need it – under subscription terms or other agreements. No more worries about the ‘technical issues’ of adding new text, publishing ‘blogs‘, new photos, produce animation, presentations or videos. Sector3 is there to do the ‘difficult’ bits whilst you get on with what you know and do best for your organisation and your beneficiaries!
  • We readily understand that small charities and voluntary group resources are ‘tight’ in this day and age and Sector3 aims to be as cost effective and reasonable to use as possible. Sector3 is altruistic in its vision and operation as it can possibly be and still offer its services.
  • Sector3 can offer advice on and even help you set up a new charity or voluntary group or help restructure an existing one – a consultancy contract may be required for work beyond initial basic advice.
  • Sector3 can offer advice or help with fundraising for your charity or voluntary group – again, a consultancy contract may be required for work beyond initial basic advice.
  • Want to ‘bounce’ some ideas off us in complete confidence and without fear of facing a ‘sales-pitch’? Sector3 will be pleased to discuss your ideas and maybe help you someway along to achieve your objectives?


Whatever you have in mind, do feel free to contact us and Sector3 will be pleased to arrange a time to discuss your thoughts in complete confidence and without fear of judgement or pressure of commitment.



Founder of SECTOR3; More than 15 years experience of International Internet Governance Policy to Her Majesty’s Government; Charity Fund Raiser; Third Sector Specialist; ‘Ideas’ and ‘Innovation’ Person.