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Sector3 are your One-Stop-Shop for your Charity, Voluntary Group, Community Group, Society, Interest or Hobby Group, Club, Small Business or Personal Site. We Provide Expert but EASY Web, Social Media Presence and Structuring and Funding Consultancy advice for you and your Organisation

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Design or Update Your Website and Social Media Presence
Update and Change your Site for You when You Want it
Fundraising Advice for You and your Organisation
Setup or Restructuring Advice for Your Organisation

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…all too often, larger, financially successful charities, voluntary groups and businesses trample over small ones – when all they want is a fair share of choice, resource and ‘audience’ so that they can play their own small but vital part in our common desire to improve society… Larger organisations have the resources and budgets to make a greater, more persuasive public presence… Let’s change this to make a fairer, more equitable society…

Debra Allcock Tyler – Chief Executive of the Directory of Social Change and Chair of the Small Charities Coalition


Want to discuss your organisation’s needs or just get some friendly advice? Contact Sector3 and let’s have a quick chat! No obligation, no  pressurised sales pitch…. we understand what small new (and restructuring) organisations need…. sometimes they just need a helping hand or a point in the right direction?

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What is a ‘Social Enterprise’ (SEs), what makes it different from a standard ‘Business’, and what can it do for those in the Third Sector? Read more in our first blog here…. Continue….

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Hello we’re Sector3, we have set up as a ‘Social Enterprise’ for small and medium size charities and not-for-profit organisations…. not hard-sell business! Sector3 aims to help, not hinder or ‘sales-pitch’ a small charity, voluntary organisation, community, society, interest or hobby group, club, or business. We understand that you want to concentrate on what you and your organisation are good at, not waste precious time and resource on ‘lesser’ (but none-the-less still important daily priorities). Sector3 offers you a third way, we can help do those ‘bothersome’ and sometimes difficult things for you, that interfere with  your valuable time and resource. Sector3 can setup, update, rearrange and professionally present your organisation’s public ‘digital’ face without constant major intervention by you. Just let Sector3 know what you want done and we will carry out the ‘technical stuff’ for you to the highest standards. Sector3 is also on-hand to offer professional advice on fundraising for your charity or voluntary group. Sector3 also offers consultation for those setting up a new charity or voluntary group, or maybe you need to restructure an existing charity or voluntary group? Sector3 offers friendly but honest advice allowing you to structure without fear of ‘missing’ legal or regulatory requirements. For example issues such as GDPR (the new General Data Protection) are a serious cause of concern for many organisations.

Sector3 is a member and a supporter of Social Enterprise UK, the leading global authority on social enterprise and the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK. ‘Click’ the SEUK logo below for more information.

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